Using your CX insights to build better products

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Your Customer Experience team has the closest connection to your customers and have valuable insights that can improve your product.  Here is what we recommend to get the most out of your customer interactions and build better products.

Involve your CX team in the product development process

As you’re expanding your services and products, it’s essential to work closely with your CX team. They are on the front lines of customer support and therefore have a deep understanding of customer needs, pain points, and expectations.

wrrk recommends having clear categories for agents to tag your tickets so that you can see at a glance what customers are reaching out to talk about. That will allow easy collection of quantitative data.  If you’re using a project management tool, invite your CX team so that they can add insights periodically that will automatically be shared with the appropriate tools. Start a process of surveying your team to get their insights.

Conduct customer research

The key to building products that your users will promote is understanding your customers’ needs and preferences.  You can leverage your CX conversations to gather that feedback.

wrrk recommends setting up the expectation for agents to tag behavior types and patterns.  If your agents are providing any tips/workarounds that improve current offerings, tag that information too because that should make its way into product descriptions or future iterations.  Where there is a lull in incoming topics, consider a proactive approach to get information you need by reaching out to power users.  

Use customer feedback to inform product decisions

Surveys should be nothing new and there’s all types of tools to automatically send surveys to customers. However, your CX team should be encouraging customers to fill out surveys and forms where it makes sense.  For example, if someone has an interesting use case or a new smart way of using a product, it’s helpful for your brand community for that information to live something public-facing and it can help your product team.

wrrk recommends having macros that link to your public-facing review platforms that matter.  They should be integrated into your storefront as well. Link to your social media and surveys in agent signatures.

Tie it all together & analyze customer satisfaction and loyalty

You’ve implemented all the recommendations!  Now it’s time to analyze your customer satisfaction and loyalty survey results.  Once you have your custom reports/data for a top-level look, be sure that you understand what the data means or how to pull corresponding tickets to do a deep-dive into tickets when necessary.  By default, our team will give insights to our clients in scorecards weekly.  Make sure your product team is getting the insights!

Reach out to your wrrk team to see what you can implement into your support flows!

Jenny Li

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