TikTok for Sales & Engagement Webinar

tiktok for sales and engagement

Join us in this webinar on the new social landscape and future of customer service as we discuss ways to use TikTok for sales and engagement.

  • Why you need to be on social media and why use TikTok for sales?
  • Direct brand marketing with organic content
  • Using the TikTok/Shopify integration to sell directly within the TikTok app
  • Developing an authentic social media ‘voice’ for your brand
  • Moderating your TikTok channel to streamline content
  • Best practices on how to engage with your customer base in TikTok
  • Our favorite community management tools

Hosted by Senior Manager of Implementation and New Products at wrrk, Alexis Bouhoum Mahoney.

Thank you for watching our first webinar! We look forward to bringing you more informative content! In the meantime, our blog has many other tips & tools on a variety of CX topics.

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